Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe


All inclusive 3 hours of sensual, erotic, tantric, yoni, nuru or G spot massage in Budapest and outskirts, for ladies! This exclusive service can be defined even as a sexual or relationship therapy or treatment, but could also be seen as a pleasing relaxation, recreation, experience to gift yourself, stirring up your sexual life, quest for new experiences, re-discovering yourself and your sense. Worm up a bit your perception of your world by a new way of eroticism. It is all about your pleasure, all you have to do is focusing on yourself.

My name is Tom, 38 years old, erotic masseuse. The photo You see is my own picture. I'm glad that you have found me, and hope you will like my offer!

My basic offer is an at least 3 hours of erotic service. You can completely chill off, relax, and focus on your pleasure!

Because of demands, even 1 hour massage is possible.

I recommend to make the first appointment and meeting at a safe, or even a public place (park, cafe, etc.) that You feel safe and pleasant, especially in the case You are a new client. It is for supporting mutual confidence. It is possible to change Your mind even at first site or later any time! I understand it is a confidential service.

It is also a guarantee for my service. In the case You are not satisfied, You were my guest!

Vacillation is understood, so please don't hesitate to let me know about any of your uncertainty!